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Inner City Walking Tour


Activity Description

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the hidden gems of the city, unveiling a side that is often known only to the locals. Step into your comfortable walking shoes as we begin our adventure from CURIOCITY, immersing ourselves in the vibrant energy that pulses through the streets.

We venture to the renowned Collector’s Treasury, an awe-inspiring haven for book lovers and treasure seekers alike. Explore the labyrinthine aisles of the largest second-hand bookstore in Africa, where every nook and cranny holds the potential for a remarkable find.

Our stop takes us to the enchanting Kwa Mai Mai Traditional Healers Market, where ancient traditions and remedies intertwine. Lose yourself in the captivating aromas of medicinal herbs and soak in the rich cultural tapestry that surrounds you.

Rising high above the city skyline, the majestic Carlton Centre awaits us. Marvel at the sheer magnificence of Africa’s tallest building, taking in the sprawling urban landscape.

As we continue our exploration, we arrive at the historic Chancellor House, where the legacy of Mandela and Tambo’s pioneering law practice is etched into the very foundations. Stand in awe of the place that served as a launchpad for their extraordinary journey towards freedom.

Finally, we conclude our expedition at Little Addis, Joburg’s vibrant Ethiopian Quarter. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, and warm hospitality of this cultural hub, as we discover the rich heritage that makes Little Addis a true gem within the city.

Join us on this unforgettable adventure as we delve into the heart and soul of the city, uncovering its hidden treasures and experiencing the authentic spirit that resonates through every step of the journey.


Duration4 hours
WhenTuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.
WhereCuriocity Backpackers, 302 Fox St, Johannesburg, Gauteng
WeatherThis service is not weather dependent.
What to WearWear comfortable clothes
Things to BringBring your camera to capture this unforgettable tour.
Guests or SpectatorsOnly paying guests will be allowed on the tour.


Minimum Age18 years
Minimum Height0.0 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement
QualificationsNot Applicable
Maximum Weight0.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelNo Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions

InclusionsGuided walking tour of the city




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Customer Reviews

The experience on Inner City walking tour was awesome. We had the opportunity to learn a lot of information about Joannesburg and particurarly about the Maponeng Precint and about its new rebirth. Thanks to the very talented guide Iko we have seen the most important examples of the new design tendency and the street art in a beautiful and very vibrant environment. The guide's explanation was very accurated and in-depth. The experience is higly recommended to better understand the soul and the complexity of a city which is still figting against discrimination and poverty. Maponeng, where the guide took us, is the best evidence that art gets a truly renaissance. Congratulations to Curiocity's staff, I'd like to come again in the next trip to S.A. Isabella - Isabella

It was very interesting and informative. Our guide Icho's (the name may be spelt wrong!) commentary was humorous and he made us feel safe while walking us thru the city. It was a pretty exhaustive exploraton of the city. I would highly recommend any visitor to Joburg to do this tour. - Anup

Fascinating tour. Wonderful to see the use of street art as a catalyst for urban regeneration. And so interesting to see the contrast between Maboneng and the adjacent areas which have not yet started this process. - Alison

We completely loved it, and would thoroughly recommend it. It's hard to access insightful tourism in Joburg, as you never are sure whether you are safe. I'm not really sure whether we were putting ourselves at risk, but felt secure with our guide. - Emily

The walk was awesome. Great tourguide, very interesting input. Would def recommend further. - AT

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